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    • Featured in the Spanish Public National Radio, (in the news and in an interview).
    • Featured in the Science website Madrid+.
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Books and Ph.D. Thesis

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    Ph.D Thesis. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Summa Cum Laude. Awarded with the University Outstanding Mention

  • Bioinformática con Ñ. Volume I. Coordinated and edited by Sebastián, A. and Pascual-García, A. (2014) ISBN:978-84-617-1976-

  • Bioinformática con Ñ. Volume II. Coordinated and edited by Sebastián, A. and Pascual-García, A. (2014) ISBN:978-84-617-1976-

Book chapters

  • Pascual-García, A.(*) Modelos simplificados de plegamiento de estructura de proteínas (2014) [pdf]

    in: Bioinformática con Ñ. Coordinators: Sebastián, A. and Pascual-García, A. Independent edition. Free access in Zenodo.

  • Pascual-García, A.(*) Alineamiento de estructura de proteínas (2014) [pdf]

    in: Bioinformática con Ñ. Coordinators: Sebastián, A. and Pascual-García, A. Independent edition. Free access in Zenodo.

  • Pascual-García, A.(*) Evolución de estructura de proteínas (2014) [pdf]

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    in: Evolución y Adaptación: 150 años después del origen de las especies. Coordinators: Hernán Dopazo and Arcadi Navarro. Editor: Spanish Society of Evolutionary Biology

Proceedings and other publications

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