We are engaged in different projects to disseminate science to a broad audience and to promote fair and transparent scientific publishing.

  • APG is a board member of Crowdfight

    Created at the beginning of the pandemia, the organization was born to divert scientific efforts towards research working on COVID-19. More than 45K volunteers help us to solve hundreds of requests. Our working methodology is designed to foster scientific collaboration, and we now expanded our activity including any scientific area.

  • APG is a working member of OpenScholar.

    OpenScholar is a non-for-profit organization in which we advocate for a change in the way in which science is disseminated. Among several projects, the organization governs an independent peer-review platform called Self-Journal(s) of Science, where editors, authors and referees develop science in a completely transparent way.

  • Ecobuilder Game (play here).

    An ambitious project leaded by Samraat Pawar to teach species ecosystem assembly.

  • Collaborators of Native Scientist.

    This is a NGO promoting scientific dissemination for kids whose mother tongue is different than the language of the country they live.

  • Collaborators of Aleen.

    A private company that promotes the public dissemination of Science and the interaction between private companies and academics.

  • APG was the founder and currently the administrator of BIOCOMP.

    The email network list on Computational Biology of the Spanish Academic Network.

  • Collaborators of the scientific radio program Parallel Universe.

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